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Trekking in Sassari from Lake Baratz to Porto Ferro

Trekking in Sassari

Many tourists, as well as local residents, are interested in trekking routes in Sassari.

Instead of just describing you the excursion, we thought we would tell you about our experience on the route from Lake Baratz to Porto Ferro, so you too can really ‘live’ this adventure.

Let the story begin!

Trekking in Sassari from Lake Baratz to the beach of Porto Ferro

The alarm clock surprises us at dawn, because to do good trekking in the summer months, we must be on the field early in the morning to avoid the exhausting heat that, here in Sardinia, makes itself felt.

On the roads of the Sardinian hinterland there is never any traffic, you feel a bit like a survivor, wandering around in search of other human presences!

On the other hand, it is extremely pleasant to enjoy this tranquillity. It regenerates the spirit.

The surrounding landscape is enchanting: gentle hills mix with wild glades, endless rows of oleanders frame the roads, and at this time of the year we can see an explosion of colourful flowers.

We arrive at Lake Baratz, Sardinia’s only natural reservoir, located a short distance from Porto Ferro in the municipality of Sassari, on the road to Capo Caccia.

The lake is surrounded by lush, wild nature, ideal for hiking and sports.

Speaking of Lake Baratz, did you know about its legend?

The legend of Lake Baratz

There is an old legend about the lake that tells of a sunken city.

According to the story, the lively town of Barax stood on the shore.

It was inhabited by greedy men who did not recognise any other god but luxury and unbridled fun.

It was God himself who was resentful towards these men. To obtain justice, in the heat of his anger he decided to drown the city in the waters that today fill the great basin.

But the Almighty attempted a compassionate act towards a young woman, allowing her to escape, as long as she did not turn around and watch her city sink into the water.

What became of the young woman?

Trekking in Porto Ferro

According to the story she turned around, was transformed into stone and ended up with the rest of the town at the bottom of the lake.

We don’t know where this legend comes from or how much it has to do with the existence of the lake, but what is absolutely real is that the lake was used as a hiding place for the German army’s arsenal during the Second World War.

This time it’s a true story.

The area was an important base for the German army which was forced to retreat and threw its arsenal into the lake, hoping that the waters would hide the precious weapons which could prove fatal if recovered by the enemy.

Their hopes were not disappointed.

Lake Baratz concealed the entire arsenal – unexploded to this day – until the 1990s, when the basin began to recede and the first bombs to resurface.

Just think that today the place is known for its magnificent walks, mountain bike and horseback rides, and is also frequented by birdwatchers!

But let’s go back to our adventure to the beach of Porto Ferro.

On the trekking route from Sassari to Porto Ferro

This is how we start our journey from Lake Baratz towards the beach of Porto Ferro.

We dive into a fragrant pine forest and listen for a flock of coots taking off for an unknown shore. Beneath our feet is nothing but golden sand, dunes that can be up to 20 metres high.

We walk for about an hour and a half: the vegetation, typically Mediterranean, sometimes gives us a glimpse of the sea. We arrive at the beach of Porto.

The ochre of the sand, the blue of the sea and the intense green of the uncontaminated nature are the colours of the Porto Ferro promontory.

The Blue Flag has been confirmed for the year 2020. It is a world-famous international award given to seaside resorts that comply with sustainable land management criteria.

Although far from their original majesty, the historic Towers of Porto Ferro still dominate the harbour with their fascinating ruins.

Built during Spanish rule in the 17th century, they were used to spot the enemy and still seem to stand guard over a priceless natural heritage.

On our arrival at the beach, we are presented with a calm sea, pampered by the night that has just passed. The shades of the dawn, meanwhile, explode behind us with their delicate colours.

We’re at our destination, happy with the sensations of ‘natural’ fulfilment that this place gives us.

Porto Ferro beach Trekking

Stay at Domus81 and live this fantastic experience.

Trekking in Sassari is definitely an experience that gives strong emotions and a sense of peace and union with nature, allowing us to breathe the air soaked with culture of these unique places.

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