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Where to see the Nuraghi in Sardinia

Where to see the Nuraghi in Sardinia

A symbol of Sardinia, these ancient constructions can be found all over the island.
It is therefore natural to wonder whether some of them are more famous and important than others from a cultural point of view. So, our question is: where to see the Nuraghi in Sardinia?

Among the areas offering the widest choice is the north-west of Sardinia, especially the territory of Sassari. There, the Nuraghi are located within few kilometres, and are easily accessible from the city centre.

Where to see the Nuraghi in Sardinia in and around Sassari

To tell the truth, we almost lost all the Nuraghi.

These truncated cone-shaped constructions are made of dry stone, starting with a base of larger pieces that decrease in size as you approach the top of the structure.
In centuries past, the rocks making up the Nuraghi were mainly seen as valuable building material, so they were detached and reused to build dry stone walls or other projects.

Before these ancient works all disappeared, UNESCO managed to intervene and save them, making them a World Heritage Site.

This happened because they’re way more than ‘old’ constructions present in the area since time immemorial: they’re important archaeological evidence.

After years of research, scholars have tried to unravel the mystery surrounding the ancient ruins of these buildings constructed during the Bronze Age, in the second millennium BC.

So what are the Nuraghi?

Although a definitive answer has never been found, historians and archaeologists favour three hypotheses:

The one of a military function, acting as a watchtower to protect the territory;
A religious function, as a structure for commemorating the dead, therefore linked to the funeral rite;
An astronomical function.

In fact, it has been noted that the Nuraghi were built in correspondence with precise star alignments. So they probably served as a reference point for marking the calendar and the alternation of the seasons.

Which Nuraghi to see while in Sassari

Nuraghi in Sassari

Among the must-see Nuraghi in Sardinia, those in and around Sassari are renowned.

Of the most famous, the ones in this list are definitely worth seeing:

  • Nuraghe Peppe Gallu in Uri, Sassari
  • Nuraghe Albucciu in Arzachena
  • Nuraghe Corvos in Florinas
  • Nuraghe Palmavera in Alghero

Each of these constructions has peculiar characteristics making them unique pieces of culture.
A diverse articulation of the internal structure, different construction materials, various roles within the archaeological areas they’re part.

It’s possible, if desired, to contact tourist guides for tours or, sometimes, organise visits on your own according to the rules adopted by the archaeological sites.

If you want to organise a stay in Sassari to visit the Nuraghi and explore the beauty of the area, discover the structure of Domus 81 Luxury Villa.

Domus 81 villa sardinia

Domus 81 Luxury Villa is located in Sassari, in a quiet green area, where you can relax in total freedom.
Just 10 minutes away from the historical centres of Sassari and Alghero, it’s the ideal starting point from which to reach all the places of interest in the city and the fantastic north-western beaches of Sardinia.

It can accommodate up to 12 people thanks to its two units with independent entrances.
It also has a large swimming pool in the garden, with a spacious area equipped for barbecues and for spending lots of pleasant moments, and a large private car park, allowing you to enjoy your holiday in complete safety.

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