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RECIPE FOR PORCEDDU SARDO (Sardinian suckling pig)


How to replicate the authentic recipe for Porceddu Sardo.

The ancient preparation has undergone minor modifications over the centuries. We’re going to tell you the story of the veneration for the suckling pig and explain how to prepare this tasty dish with some tips to enhance its goodness.

The cult of the Porceddu Sardo

In Saridinia, a whole cult revolves around the Porceddu Sardo.

This ancient tradition goes beyond the simple execution of a recipe. To be clear, the spit-roasted pig is not just what ends up on the plate after cooking. It’s a moment of celebration and aggregation that begins with the preparation itself.

This is because in the old days, once you had a suckling pig, you would all work together to clean and cook it.

Roasting was monitored in turn by bringing a glass of good Sardinian wine or beer to those guarding the grill.

A perfect excuse for drinking in good company.

The ancient recipe

First of all, to follow the recipe of the Porceddu Sardo, it was necessary to get a piglet whose weight did not exceed 6 kg.

The piglet was stripped of its hair and gutted – except for the kidneys – then tied up to be placed upside down so that the blood could drain off.

In the ancient recipe, blood was an essential ingredient!

In fact, this red liquid was carefully collected and brushed all over the pig’s outer surface.
It sounds a bit gruesome, but this step had a special function.

Once placed on the spit to cook, the blood created a deliciously crispy layer on the pig’s skin.
In contrast to the soft, succulent meat.

Of course, now it’s unthinkable to use blood in the preparation.

So here’s how to cook the original recipe for Porceddu Sardo in today’s fashion:

The recipe for Porceddu Sardo


  • Suckling pig: 1
  • Lard: to taste
  • Salt: to taste
  • Black pepper: to taste
  • Myrtle leaves for garnish

You can get the piglet from a certified farmer or from a butcher.
Clean it by removing hair and giblets and washing it carefully.

If you want to avoid this step, the butcher will know how to help you and you can go straight to the next:

The cooking.

At this point you are ready to skewer the suckling pig and place it on the fire.
Be careful to start the process with its belly facing the flames.

Take care to distribute salt and pepper evenly and in the right proportions over the entire surface.

Roasting should be done slowly.

The time may vary, but we can tell you that it takes about 2 and a half hours to cook it to perfection.
This technique will make the meat tender and the skin crispy.

And please note! You can add an extra touch to the preparation.

How? Replacing the blood in the original recipe with some lard.
During roasting, drizzle a few drops of melted lard over the surface of the pork. You can take advantage of the heat of the flames by hanging a piece of it over the Porceddu.

It will create a thin, super-crispy layer on the skin with an indescribable aroma.

And now it’s ready.
Serve it after decorating the tray with the traditional myrtle leaves and you will have an authentic Porceddu Sardo.

How to best enjoy it

This dish has a rich taste and is a hearty and nutritious second course.
To enhance its flavour, accompany the dish with some good Sardinian wine and some bread toasted over the flame while the pig is cooking.

In this way, the bread is flavoured with the juices of the meat while the fire makes the surface crispy.
Just before taking out these slices, place on top of them a thin piece of cheese, like Dolcesardo, and let it melt.

Unparalleled goodness.

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