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Gorropu Canyon , the most spectacular
in Europe

Did you know that the Gorropu Canyon in Sardinia is the most spectacular in Europe?
Apparently, it has features that make it unique in so many ways. And what’s more, you can visit it!
Read the article to find out all about the island’s most famous gorge.

What the Gorropu Canyon is like

The Gorropu Gorge is located in Sardinia, precisely on the border between Orgosolo and Urzulei, in the province of Nuoro.

You have to know that this canyon was formed between 190 and 60 million years ago, and among the high rock walls all the stages of underwater genesis are witnessed through fossils of excellent preservation.

But why is it the most spectacular in Europe?

Its location, its particular shape, and its height make the Canyon the ideal place to preserve a unique biodiversity that is found nowhere else.
Let’s see how it was formed and what is inside it.

Origin of the Gorropu Canyon and its biodiversity

The gorge shows evidence of a formation dating back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The mountain chain of Supramonte was carved by the water of the Flumineddu.
This river, which starts on the slopes of the Gennargentu, has a torrential character: despite its perennial course, the water level drops or rises depending on the seasons.
The Flumineddu has carved and polished the rock in a process that has lasted millions of years, already creating a masterpiece of nature in shape and size.

Now, consider that these high rocks, rich in fossils from the various geological eras, hold a special biodiversity.

It is the only place in the world where a few specimens of Aquilegia nuragica, also known as Lion Grass, can be found.

And between the small lakes of the Flumineddu rivulet, swim specimens of Euprotto, Europe’s rarest amphibian.
The rock walls are dotted with nests of Golden Eagles, soaring the skies over the mountains in all their majesty.

Besides being officially recognised as Europe’s most spectacular canyon, the Gorropu is also the deepest.

It stretches for about 1.5 km and a steep descent of about 500 metres starts from Punta Cucuttos.
In spite of its height, however, it is completely visitable!

How to visit the Canyon: Excursions to Supramonte and the Gorropu

La Chìntula is the local association responsible for enhancing the site and organising tourist excursions to the Gorropu Canyon.

There are so many options available for excursions and they all sound really incredible.
You would want to come back and try them all!

But are they suitable for everyone or do you need to be an expert?

At the Canyon there are both expert-only excursions and easy routes for those who have
never been hiking before, also suitable for families with children.

Excursions to Supramonte

From the Gorropu Base Camp, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, one sets off on excursions to Supramonte, which, depending on the route, include visits to the nuraghi of Or Murales, the natural oasis of Sa Portiscra or Pischina Gurthàddala.

Hikes on Supramonte can be combined with Yoga and meditation courses, which offer a unique experience in contact with nature.

Hiking in the Gorropu

The downhill gorge and panoramic hikes are divided into those for experts and those
suitable for everyone.
After reaching the predetermined points, you will be accompanied by experienced
guides who will be able to assist and guide you as best they can. For some itineraries, a
return trip by off-road vehicle is planned.

Night in Supramonte

This is a truly unique experience that is well worth trying, if you have the chance. Night trips are also organised at the Canyon. In particular, Night in Supramonte combines holiday, nature, food and local culture.

You leave at dusk to reach your destination and dine on spit-roasted pork and other typical local dishes. Overnight stay under the magnificent starry sky, surrounded by nature.

Would you do it?

Those in charge of the organisation will be able to give you all the information on the complete itineraries and guided tours. But now, on to the stay:

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If you decide to visit northern Sardinia, you cannot fail to include the western part in your itinerary.

Start from Nuoro and move west, or stay right in Sassari, where you will have access to all the main natural attractions, tourist destinations and trekking routes of the northern part of the island and its beautiful beaches.

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