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Basilica of Saccargia: all you need to know

The beautiful Basilica of Saccargia, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is located in Codrongianos, in the province of Sassari. As promised, Monica from the Domus 81 staff tells us about her experience at this unmissable destination. You will find in the story all the info on how to get there, how to book a visit, the cost of tickets and all the curiosities about what there is to see.

Visiting the Basilica

Returning from Tempio Pausania [link articolo], I decided that I could not miss the opportunity to visit the spectacular Basilica of Saccargia.

Travelling along the road you don’t easily notice it, but when you suddenly catch sight of it, you have time to turn around and go and visit it.

And there it is in all its splendour: an imposing architectural work of art standing out majestically in the middle of nowhere, on a plain in Codrongianos.

As I get closer, I’m going to tell you a true story about its foundation.

History of the Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia

Before the Basilica dedicated to the Holy Trinity was built, the ruins of an ancient monastery stood on the very same site.

At that time, Judge Costantino I of Torres and his wife Marcusa de Lacon Gunale were a couple who lived struggling with an unbearable burden: the despair of being unable to have children.

During one of their journeys, they were well received by Camaldolese monks and stopped by the ruins of the old monastery. The two made a vow among those ancient stones in the hope that their prayers would be heard and their devotion rewarded with a child.

The miracle was not long in coming and the future Gonario II of Torres, venerated as a Blessed by the Christian Church, was born.

To pay homage to the deity, as a sign of gratitude for having accepted their prayers, Constantine I had an imposing monastery built on the old ruins. The Basilica of Saccargia dedicated to the Holy Trinity was consecrated on 5 October 1116.

For four years after its foundation, extension work followed one another: the hall was lengthened, the walls raised. Then the church was given a new façade and the very tall bell tower was built.

The Basilica of Saccargia and the apse frescoes

The basilica we see today is the same as it was then. The dark bell tower soars to the same heights as it did 900 years ago. The same stones rise above the green valley, drawing a complex of rounded arches, picturesque arcades and the iconic decoration. Horizontal strips of dark stones alternate with others of white ones, according to the taste of Umbrian-Tuscan medieval architecture.

The Basilica, undoubtedly built by Pisan masters, remains one of the most beautiful monuments of Romanesque architecture in Sardinia

But what makes it even more precious is the fact that it holds a priceless treasure inside: the fresco in the central apse.

Why is it so precious?

Because to date, it is the only example of Romanesque mural painting in such a good state of preservation in the whole of Sardinia.

It was painted in the late 12th century by an unknown artist from central Italy.

It is really worth entering the church to admire such a marvel.

By the way, here is all the info you need to organise your visit to the Basilica.

How to visit the Basilica

In order to visit the Basilica of Saccargia, it is recommended to contact the facility in advance to check the opening hours for the public.

Below are the contacts:

Telephone: +393470007882


The cost of the ticket for a free visit with entrance to the house of the Blessed Elisabetta Sanna at the Museum of Codrongianos is:

Full price – euro 3.00 – adults;

Reduced – euro 2,50

With guided tour:

Full price – euro 5.00 – adults,

Reduced price – euro 4.00

Completely free of charge for Codrongianos residents, children under the age of 6 and persons with disabilities.

How to get to the Basilica of Saccargia

From Sassari, the Basilica can be reached in a few minutes by car: on the SS 131, head in the direction of Saccargia, then take the SS 597, and there you will see the bell tower standing in the distance.

You can also reach the church by bus with line 1802 or lines 701, 702, 754, 761.

From Domus 81 it is really easy to get there, and the beautiful scenery you see on the way is also worth the trip.

I’m on my way home, a thought-warming sun is shining outside, I’m driving and I feel enveloped by a feast of colours that nourishes me with wonder, because this land always gives me such strong emotions.

This Sardinia is truly the land of wonders!

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