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Boat Excursion in Alghero toward Capo Caccia

Boat Excursion in Alghero

It is one of the most popular activities among tourists who come and visit us. They all talk about the unique emotions and the beauty of this experience. That’s why we want to tell you how it was and what we saw during our boat trip to Capo Caccia, in the Gulf of Alghero.

Do you remember our article about the Aperitif on a Sail boat? Our skipper friend is with us this time too!

First stop on our boat excursion: Punta Galera

We set off around 2.30 p.m.

It is an early September day, sunny and clear. Last night a storm washed the sky and painted it blue.
We have a dinghy that will allow us to get close to the beaches and cliffs.
We head for Capo Caccia, with several stops at the most beautiful coves in the area, accessible only by small boats.

At Punta Galera, the sea is a brilliant emerald against the pale cliffs.
We must go snorkelling!

Snorkeling in Alghero Sardinia

We dive in with mask and fins and enter the wonderful underwater world, a realm of fantastic colours and creatures, enlivened by lots of fish and corals.

As we re-emerge, we notice that there is a really beautiful house on the reef, and it intrigues us.

We’ll tell you the story the skipper told us:

The story goes that the house was built many years ago by a Dutchman who arrived here and fell in love with the place, deciding to spend the rest of his life by the sea.
Can we really blame him?

Close to the house is the starting point of a well-equipped diving centre. We’ll keep this thing in mind for future adventures!

Now let’s get back into the dinghy and continue sailing towards Cala Dragunara.

Second stop on our boat trip to Alghero: Cala Dragunara

Here the seabed is even more beautiful! It is deeper and the transparency of the water is incredible.
It’s worth diving back in and enjoying the muffled silence among the curious little fish.

They must think of us as intruders, but they seem to welcome us with grace.
This is the realm of white seabreams and giltheads, who like to stay in the shade of the boats.

boat excurion at Capo Caccia

Time to let the fish have their space and lie down for a while on the dinghy.
The sun warms our skin and a sense of peace surrounds us.

We are alone in this paradise, where the colours of nature compete to see who can stand out the most.

On the coast, we can see a dirt path that was the old military road leading to the military lighthouse at Capo Caccia.
So, our boat trip to Alghero starts again at the call of the lighthouse!

Third stop: the Capo Caccia Lighthouse and Neptune’s Caves

The military lighthouse of Capo Caccia stands out amidst the enchanting cliffs sculpted by water and wind over an infinite time.
At almost 200 metres above sea level, it is the highest lighthouse in Italy.
A striking construction atop the cliff that marks the end of the gulf of Porto Conte.

Going past Capo Caccia, we can see in the background the endless stairway that has to be taken to reach the Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune’s Caves).
Luckily for us, they are also accessible by sea and the visual impact is breathtaking.

Last stop on our boat trip: Foradada

foradada sardiania boat trip

As we continue sailing, our skipper friend points out Foradada Island.
A massive rock in the middle of the sea with an enormous hole in its body.

Light comes in and out of the rock like a giant’s eye, watching over the passage.

The island is so called because of the “perforated” cave, partly submerged by the sea, passing through the island.
But the surprises are not over!

On the way back, our skipper approaches the island on the opposite side without warning us, and we are absolutely amazed….

Before our eyes, a large cave stands out, illuminated by the light that bathes the rock in luminous beauty.
We manage to get inside, but we have to be careful not to crash into the rocks. The difficult manoeuvre makes us a little worried, but our skipper knows what he’s doing and we don’t mind the adrenalin rush.

What’s it like inside the cave?

The water in this remote place is cobalt blue and the cave walls, worn and forged by the water, create small natural altars, where flocks from the great ocean crossings can stop.

foradada island cave excursion

We are inside the cave and we are hit by a slanting beam of light coming through the hole in the rock, like the first ray of sunshine after a long winter, like a sunrise that sweeps you awake.

This light has something divine, something ancestral.

On the way back, we read the amazement on each other’s faces. The island of Foradada has entered our hearts, while a sort of reverential respect for nature silences us and we are lulled by the lapping of the water accompanying us to the port.

It has been a day of strong emotions that has made us reflect on the beauty of nature. It must be protected at all costs.
Nature as nourishment, like a mother who always knows how to welcome her children in the best possible way, a truth that never betrays.

In front of the sea, happiness is a simple idea.

Victor Hugo

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