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Argentiera beach and its mine : a suggestive trip

Argentiera beach mine

Ever heard of the Argentiera beach with its mine? It really is perfect for those looking for privacy and peace.
Monica, from the Domus 81 staff, is going to tell us all about this paradise, as well as her adventure at the site of the famous mine.

The village of Argentiera

One summer Sunday, I decided to go to the seaside: I wanted a beach that wasn’t too crowded, so I chose the Argentiera beach. 

As I always do, I gathered my trusted company and we set off.

Once we arrived at Argentiera, however, it was impossible to resist the call of the old village, which is why we paid a visit to the mine.

Currently, the area around it is a ghost village. This alone makes it a fascinating site. In addition, its considerable historical and cultural importance contributes to its charm.

The Argentiera Mine Open Air Museum

Argentiera village

A few centuries ago, the village was full of fervour. However, its life was linked to the then very important mining activity.

When the mine closed down between the 19th and 20th centuries, its streets and dwellings slowly faded away, while a special nostalgic and evocative air began to settle over the place.

The stones tell stories of dedicated miners and their families, who tried to prosper in times that were not easy to cope with.

The Borgo dell’Argentiera is one of the most significant European sites of industrial archaeology, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Would you like to know some urban legends linked to the mine?

The legend of the mine

It seems that the mine has a history of catastrophes due to collapse and accidents caused by erosion.

Some legends are linked to these episodes.

There are those who claim they have witnessed paranormal phenomena when entering the mine tunnels. Others say they have seen shadows with human features and evanescent figures, or heard metallic sounds echoing in the dark depths of the site.

To be honest, I didn’t see or hear anything suspicious, so maybe next time…

In any case, this is a place you absolutely must visit, full of atmosphere!

It arouses mixed emotions, and among the images on display in the museum you can see the strength of this local community of workers, gathered from various places in Italy, who together built and organised a civil society that was well orchestrated for the times, especially if we take into account the geographical isolation in which they were.

And then there are several restaurants where you can stop, perfect for those who decide to take a holiday in the area.

A wonderful visit, but now it’s time to go and lie on the beach!

The beach at Cala dell’Argentiera

Cala dell'argentiera beach

The reasons why there are never crowds on the beach are that hardly anyone knows it and that the village of Cala dell’Argentiera is almost uninhabited, but the place is truly a paradise.

It is divided into two half-moons. The first is well equipped with a bar/restaurant and is perhaps the most popular. It is more suitable for families with children, also because the seabed slopes down much more gently and the water is therefore shallower.

The second beach, on the other hand, is much more suitable for adults and is perfect for those who like to swim without having to go too far from the shore.

In fact, the water on this side immediately becomes very deep.

In any case, the sea is incredibly transparent throughout the cove. The sand is a particular colour, dark and coarse.

The result of this combination of crystal-clear water and dusky beach is a unique and striking spectacle thanks to the contrast between the cold colours of the sky and sea and the warm, almost bronze-coloured sand.

All around, there is a lush green scenery distributed among the various promontories bordering the coast, a scenery worthy of a painter’s canvas.

How to get to Argentiera Beach, parking and equipment.

The beach is located halfway between Stintino and Porto Torres.

Getting there from Sassari is very easy and takes just a few minutes by car, plus there are free parking spaces right next to it.

However, if you don’t feel like driving, the BUS 732 stop is only a 6-minute walk from the seashore.

As we were saying, the cove is divided into a free and a private beach. It is also equipped with a bar/restaurant, which is very useful if you decide to spend the whole day there: believe me, it is worth it.

How to organize your stay in Sardinia to visit the mine and Argentiera beach

Domus 81 villa sardinia

When planning a holiday in Sardinia, the ideal place to stay is in a strategic location, in a great position to reach different beaches – it’s worth trying them all! – and to allow you to enjoy peace and quiet while remaining well connected to the historic centre of Sassari to take advantage of the amenities it offers.

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