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What to visit in Castelsardo ( Sassari )

what to visit in castelsardo

Castelsardo, in the province of Sassari, is a truly fantastic destination to visit and discover, even when you’re not in the tourist season.

If you don’t know what to see when you’re there, read our Monica’s personal experience during her wonderful trip.

Castelsardo – Sassari: route

After a long period of rain, today we have been blessed with clear skies; all the beauty of this land is illuminated by the sun, the air is fresh and clean.

So my friends and I decide to visit Castelsardo at a time of low tourist numbers.

There’s just us, the local residents and those like me who moved here from the hinterland, and believe me, we’re lots!

We pass through Sassari to take the road to Castelsardo.

Along the way we cross Sennori, Sorso, and other towns overlooking the sea.

On half of the hills along the coast, they form lots of peach-coloured patches, because that’s how most of the local buildings are painted.

The road twists and turns as the sea opens up in the distance before us, infinite and mysterious.

We can’t help but admire the ancient olive trees that line the road and the vivid contrast with the red cloths used to collect the ripe olives.

Then, we make a small stop at an evocative viewpoint.

castelsardo sassari route

We’re almost there.

Around the last bend, on the left, we can finally see Castelsardo with his small port. A crib of small, colourful houses against the mountain.

From above, the castle dominates the landscape with its ancient walls.

The Castle of Castelsardo and what to visit in the village

We park the car and climb a few steps to reach the castle, through narrow but well-kept streets.

Succulent plants, and typical open-air restaurants with their classic coloured tablecloths, fill pur eyes with perfect views to be photographed. All around is the sea, the backdrop to this living postcard.

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: knowing what the castle is like will leave you breathless!

The Castle and the Museum of Mediterranean Interweaving

The fortress has a crazy and immense history. Many events took place over the centuries, leaving a visible mark on the walls.

Its foundations probably date back to Roman times, but what still distinguishes the place today is its medieval layout.

In fact, the ancient village was built around the Doria Castle, which now houses the amazing Museun of Mediterranean Interweaving.

Can you see the iconic tower with its steeple overlooking the sea?

It belongs to the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate, built during the 16th century.

The Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate and the “Maestro di Castelsardo” Museum

The bell tower that dominates the coast is a masterpiece with the decorated and colorful dome.
And that’s not all!

The beautiful cathedral hides a fascinating crypt that also houses the ‘Maestro di Castelsardo’ Museum.
This painter, active during the Renaissance, left a collection of works of rare beauty, executed with an exquisite technique.

But now… we’re hungry!

Restaurants in Castelsardo

It’s a must to have lunch in one of the little diners situated on these small terraces overlooking the sea, made even more charming by the seagulls animating the sky.

These quaint restaurants offer excellent dishes that pay homage to the local culture, always prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients and full of the flavour of this magical land.

We highly recommend trying at least one during your trip to Castelsardo.

After lunch we take another tour because we really enjoyed the first one and the village can be visited in a short time.

On the way back, going down the innumerable steps, the light starts to dim until it becomes oblique, illuminating the stone with gold and orange hues, while in the background the blue of the sea persists.

Where to stay to visit Castelsardo

Castelsardo is easily reached from Sassari in a few minutes by car, or you can use the buses that leave from the town centre and connect it to the medieval village.

The ideal strategy is to stay in Sassari so that you can easily reach Castelsardo and all the main attractions of north-western Sardinia. And of course all the beautiful beaches of Alghero!

Domus 81 is the best solution for you! The villa is located in a green area only 10 minutes from the historical centres of Sassari and Alghero.

Divided into two units, it can accommodate up to 12 guests, guaranteeing privacy and all the comforts of a luxurious residence with a private pool and a solarium in the garden.

Visit us at Domus 81 and live your adventure discovering the magnificent village of Castelsardo!

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