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Palmavera Nuraghe in Alghero

The Nuraghe Palmavera is perhaps the most famous nuraghe in the north-western territory of Sardinia. Actually, it is part of an ancient village that can be visited in its entirety.
Let’s see what awaits us in the Palmavera complex, where it is located, and how to visit it to discover all its secrets.

The Nuragic Village of Palmavera

The Palmavera Complex is located on the promontory bearing the same name in the Capo Caccia area of Alghero.

The place, overtaken by nature, has an evocative beauty that exudes an air of legend. Passing through the boundary wall with its two distinctive stone towers, you can see the remains of about 50 huts.

In reality, they were once much more numerous. It is estimated that there were around 150 or even 200.

The pentagonal wall encompasses three tower-huts and the mysterious “Meeting Hut”.

There is one thing you need to know in order to fully understand a visit to the Palmavera nuraghe:

The village did not originally have the configuration it has today. Instead, it is the result of constructions and enlargements that have taken place over the millennia. Therefore, the various architectures belong to different historical phases.

The foundation of the village goes back a long way, to an estimated 3,600 years ago.

Let’s then take a closer look at these construction phases and at how the village has changed over time.

The construction phases and the Meeting Hut

First phase (15th-14th cent. B.C.): First tower, 8 metres high with a diameter of 10. Inside, it is interesting to observe the central hall with a tholos roof.

It was equipped with a staircase leading to the upper floor and the terrace.

Second phase (9C BC): Second tower. It was added during this time and connected to the first by a corridor. The two towers were also linked through the courtyard, making them a single complex.

It was in this same period that the fascinating Meeting Hut was built, and set to guard a fantastic secret.

The building is of particular importance both because it testifies that the society living in the village had an open organisation and was interested in debate, and because it has brought to us a very special find.

Inside the hut there is in fact a round seat, which was used by the chief of the village and contained a small-scale reproduction of a nuraghe.

This type of prehistoric find is common to some of the nuragic complexes throughout the island.

Today the original model found in the Nuraghe Palmavera is kept in the G.A. Sanna museum in Sassari, but you can admire a faithful copy inside the real building.

Third phase (9th-8th centuries BC): walls and four towers.

What became of the village at this stage? After a prosperous era, it was unfortunately destroyed by fire and only repopulated later, in Roman times.

However, excavations have brought to light the original remains of the settlement. The narrow streets linking the various huts are an extremely attractive route to walk.

Speaking of interesting sites:

Once in the area, we recommend that you also visit the nuragic site of Sant’Imbenia (15th-8th century BC). Today it seems to be the oldest Phoenician maritime port of call on the island.

It is located right in the bay of Porto Conte and can also be reached via a mountain bike trail that connects the site to that of Palmavera!

How to reach Nuraghe Palmavera

From Sassari or Alghero, the nuraghe is very easy to reach.

Once in Alghero, just take the road towards Fertilia. Reach the hamlet and then take the SS 127 bis towards Porto Conte-Capo Caccia. After about 4 km you will find the entrance to the nuragic village on your right.

Visit and ticket prices

Tours are easy to organise, thanks to the days and hours of opening.

The site is open and can be visited every day from 10:00 to 14:00.

The cost of a full ticket is just €5, while a reduced ticket is €4.

There are, of course, concessions for the disabled with their carers, pensioners over 65 years of age, journalists, teachers accompanying school groups and children under 12 years of age, who are entitled to free admission.

Remember your Green Pass!

In accordance with the recent Decree Law No. 105 of 23 July 2021, you will need to show your Covid-19 Green Pass to access the site.

For more information on costs, opening hours and access requirements, click HERE.

Where to stay to visit Nuraghe Palmavera

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