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Alghero Half Marathon and the 10k and other sporting events

The Alghero Half Marathon is known as “Alghero Half Marathon and the Ten Thousand” and is among the most eagerly awaited sporting events. A moment of participation by the city and many tourists who are in the area during the cool season.

But Alghero is also famous for many other sports organisations taking part in special events.

Let’s take a look at everything there is to know about the famous Half Marathon and the Ten Thousand. Let’s also discover other interesting sporting events to participate in or attend.

First of all: when does the Half Marathon take place?

The Alghero Half Marathon and the 10K

Every year, when the weather is still pleasant and offers beautiful sunny days, but the temperatures are getting milder, the Half Marathon is held in one of Italy’s most beautiful coastal towns.

In 2022, the marathon, now in its fifth year, takes place on 2 October.

Do you know the organisation that set it up?

Alghero Marathon is a sports association affiliated with Fidal, the Italian Athletics Federation.

The aim of the association is to promote athletics, bringing people of all ages together around sport and providing moments of healthy fun throughout the city.

Alghero half-marathon is an event experienced with an air of festivity and participation both by those who live in the area and by tourists staying in the surroundings at that time.

In addition to its cultural importance, the marathon is famous for its unique route.

Are you curious? We are going to tell you about it in the next paragraph.

The route of the Alghero Half Marathon and the Ten Thousand

The half marathon takes place on a completely asphalted route that leads participants through the characteristic and picturesque streets in the city centre. For the most part, however, the race takes place along the coast!

The route runs by the sea from Alghero to Fertilia.

Overall, it is a triumph of beauty with breathtaking changes of scenery. You go from the typical buildings of the old town centre to fragrant green areas. The route ends up on the seafront, admiring the colours of the sky merging with those of the sea.

The journey must be completed twice.

Regulations and how to participate in the Half Marathon and the Ten Thousand

In addition to the non-competitive marathon, you can choose to participate in the competitive 10 km. There’s a prize money for the first five to cross the 10K finish line.

For both races, registration is open until 28 September 2022 for men and women.

For those registered, bibs and gadgets will be distributed while supplies last. Medals will be given to those who complete the route. Also, there will be the ever-present medical assistance in case anyone needs it.

In addition, refreshment points are distributed along the route. Participants can benefit about it, along with the other services offered and included in the small participation fee.

All detailed information can be found in the Official Rules and Regulations.

Sports events in and around Alghero

Besides the marathon, Alghero is well known for the many sports organisations. Theu offer their services both to locals and to anyone who happens to be in the area for the holidays. Whoever wants to take part in some sporting activity.

One of the most famous is the Arcieri Torres organisation, internationally recognised by FITArco, the official Italian archery federation.

Where to stay to watch the Alghero Half Marathon and other sporting events

For your Sardinian holiday, the best thing is to choose a place to stay that is close to the historical centres of Sassari and Alghero, so that you can easily reach all the cultural and sporting events in the surrounding area, but is also close to the most beautiful beaches in north-western Sardinia

Domus 81 villa sardinia
Surrounded by greenery, just a few minutes from the historic centres of Sassari and Alghero, Domus 81 is surrounded by facilities for sporting activities and routes for walking, cycling or trekking. Consisting of two units with independent entrances, it can accommodate up to 12 people.

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