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Marina di Sorso beach in Sardinia: discover this paradise

The beach of Marina di Sorso is also known simply as beach of Sorso in Sardinia and is among the major attractions of the island’s north-west coast.

Both because of its breathtaking waters and landscape and because it is suitable for water sports enthusiasts, it is frequented all year round, not only in summer.

What is the beach of Sorso like

It must be said that the scenery of Marina di Sorso is disarmingly beautiful. Starting from the bottom of the beach, there is a vast expanse of sand dotted with wild vegetation. Beyond it, we can admire a magnificent line of soft white sand that merges with the sea.

Turquoise and emerald green waters kiss the shoreline, covering the seabed which, beyond the shallow shore, slopes down fairly quickly.

Because of the depth the waters reach, the formation of waves and the presence of the pleasant sea breeze, the beach at Sorso is among the most popular destinations all year round for lovers of water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing!

It is easy to understand why it is among the most popular beaches ever. The white sand and pristine waters are indescribably beautiful, plus it is equipped with all the comforts one could wish for!

Beach services in Sorso

There is a large parking area right next to the beach. You can leave your car in paid or free parking areas and from there access to the beach is very easy.

Among other amenities, there is the fact that the beach has several facilities for renting umbrellas and deck chairs, pedal boats for group fun, and, behind the beach, there is a delightful green area with bars, services and refreshment facilities.

The green area consists of a thick pine forest where it is permitted to camp or simply find shelter from the summer heat while enjoying the shade and scent of the lush trees.

This begs the question: since it is one of the most popular places, will it be crowded?

The answer is no.

At the seaside, it is right to want your own space to relax and enjoy your days at best.

We all try to avoid overcrowded beaches, sometimes giving up the most beautiful places, but this is not the case.

The beautiful beach of Marina di Sorso is very busy, but not crowded.
This is because it stretches for several kilometres, offering a very large surface area and allowing everyone to have their own space.

In conclusion, bathing in Sorso is really something to experience.

But wait! If you are in Marina di Sorso for a swim, take the opportunity to also visit the historic town.

Rich in history, it has a very special structure: at the centre of an expanse of olive groves and vineyards famous for the production of superior quality olive oil and delicious Vermentino, is the historic centre that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Among the characteristic tuff houses, important monuments stand out, such as the 18th-century baronial palace or the Billellera fountain.

Speaking of the Billellera fountain, there was a legend that its waters drove those who drank from it to madness.

The area is also famous for the renowned archaeological site of Jelithon, inhabited since prehistoric times, the sacred well of Serra Niedda and the Church of Santa Filitica.

Before being a church, Santa Filitica was a Carthaginian fortress, then occupied by the Romans who turned it into an imposing palace. In Byzantine times, however, it became an Early Christian building, leading to the present church dedicated to the Saint.

How to get to Marina di Sorso

How to get to Marina di Sorso

Sorso is located in the province of Sassari and reaching it from the main town is really easy.

By Car:

From Sassari there are various routes to reach the beach of Sorso by car, all of which have approximately the same duration. The shortest one is definitely the one that goes via the SP60 and takes only 16 minutes.


If you don’t want to take the car, but prefer to use public transport, there are several bus lines connecting the beach to the centre of Sassari, you can relax and enjoy the view of the various towns during a journey of about 26 minutes.


From Sassari you can of course also use the taxi service that will take you directly to the beach following the route you would normally take by car and with the same travelling time.

Where to stay to bathe at Sorso beach in Sardinia

A nice stay in Sassari is ideal for reaching Marina di Sorso and all the most beautiful beaches in north-western Sardinia.

Domus 81 Luxury Villa is located in Sassari, in a quiet area surrounded by greenery, but only a few minutes from the historic centre and the wonderful tourist destinations of the area.

Domus 81 villa sardinia

Immersed in nature, a stone’s throw away from the historic centres of Sassari and Alghero, it is surrounded by facilities for sporting activities and routes for walking, cycling or trekking. Consisting of two units with independent entrances, it can accommodate up to 12 people.

With private parking, bus stop only 150 metres away, and availability of taxi service or car rental, the Villa allows you to enjoy your holiday discovering the magnificent Sardinian land in complete freedom.


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