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Punta Tramontana beach in Sassari: what it’s like to swim there

Let’s go discover the beautiful Punta Tramontana beach in Sassari. It is a sight to behold, but what is it like to swim there?

Let’s find out together.

The location of Punta Tramontana

Punta Tramontana is a delightful village in the province of Sassari, specifically located in the Castelsardo area in northern Sardinia.

The main peculiarity of the place is certainly the landscape where mountains and sea meet in all their beauty.

Near the village there are several beaches and the fact that, in most cases, close to the beaches there is a built-up area makes the place very characteristic and, above all, more accessible and rich in services.

But when we talk about Punta Tramontana beach, we mean a specific cove with an unspoilt beach, perfect for those who love to go on adventures and discover places with a wild charm.

Let us try to describe the experience of bathing there.

Bathing at Punta Tramontana, beach and services

The experience starts when you arrive and are inebriated by the scents of the sea and the lush Mediterranean scrub that covers the mountains behind the beach with thick vegetation.

The salubrious air fills your lungs, immediately giving you an incomparable sense of well-being.

Then you look around and the place fills your eyes with wonder.

The deep green of the vegetation blends with the peculiar silvery colour given by the mix of grey sand and pebbles.

The water is a disarming turquoise. Clear and clean, it reveals the rocky seabed in all its splendour.

Perfect for snorkelling, it is also suitable for families as the seabed drops off very gently and the water on the shore is shallow.

Beach services

The beach in the cove has free access and can accommodate around 46 people, leaving everyone their own space and the way to comfortably organise their own beach equipment.

The cove is not equipped with services or refreshment facilities, but there is a free parking area right next to it and ensures privacy and tranquillity for those seeking uncrowded places to regenerate and enjoy nature.

Like all Sardinian beaches, Punta Tramontana is also protected by a ban on the removal of sand, pebbles or shells, unless in possession of a permit.

Is it worth bathing there?

Absolutely! And that is why we also tell you how to get to the beach and where to stay.

How to get to Punta Tramontana beach in Sassari

There are mainly two ways to reach this amazing beach.

The first is overland by private vehicle, be it car or taxi: the cove is easily reached from the main towns in the north of Sardinia. Passing along motorways and internal roads, you will see breathtaking landscapes and enchanting towns.

Eventually, you will arrive straight at the free car park behind the beach.

The other way to get there is by sea with small private or chartered boats.

The sea journey is undoubtedly a captivating experience.

Just remember that it is only possible to land by prior arrangement with the staff in charge.

We suggest you contact the Castelsardo tourist information centre well in advance so that you can better plan your arrival by sea.

Where to stay for swimming at Punta Tramontana

When you want to swim at Punta Tramontana in Sassari and not miss the other beautiful beaches in north-western Sardinia, the best solution is to organise your stay in a strategic location.

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