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The natural pool of Cane Malu

If you could bathe on the moon, it would probably be like at Cane Malu, Bosa’s natural swimming pool.

A magical place, to the point of seeming unreal and yet, there is an explanation as to why this futuristic
landscape looks the way it does.

Take a look at the photos, discover all the curiosities and how to reach this unique beach in the next

Cane Malu the natural pool of Bosa

Cane Malu is a place of irresistible charm that seems to be part of another planet, but you don’t actually
have to leave Earth to reach this wonder.

It is in fact located in Sardinia, precisely in Bosa.

It’s a natural pool and its appearance, reminiscent of a Hollywood set from a science fiction film, is due to
the fact that it has been carved by water and wind out of white trachyte.

This stone is the main component of the cliffs along this stretch of coastline, but here in particular, the
work of the air currents has created a peculiar landscape that is surprising beyond all expectations.

Blue water in a pool of white rock really does give the impression of being on the moon.

But it doesn’t end there!

Cane Malu offers a different show at every hour of the day.

In the morning, cold, pastel colours tint the cliff, while at sunset, the rock is hued in warm shades and the
waters reflect the sunlight, creating jaw-dropping plays and contrasts.

To complete this idyllic and surreal picture, the vegetation growing on the cliffs adds a touch of familiarity
and “connection” with the land.

In particular, one is won over by the scent of the lentisk shrubs, helichrysum and other species typical of
the Mediterranean scrub.

But let’s be curious… why is it called “Cane Malu” (Bad Dog)?

Origins of the name

Cane Malu in Sardinian means “bad dog” and, let’s face it, it is perhaps the last thing we would associate
with this enchanting landscape, but there is a precise explanation that justifies this name, or rather, two

The first is that the strip of rock bordering the natural pool, at the mercy of the rough sea, is reminiscent
of a dog’s tail.

The wind in the area is quite impetuous, in fact the rock of the coast has been carved by its action, and it
is always advisable to choose a calm and not very windy day to fully enjoy the landscape and a nice
relaxing swim at Cane Malu.

The other explanation is linked to local tales according to which the cave facing Cala ‘e Moro reminded
fishermen of the gaping jaws of a snarling dog.

What to see in the surroundings of Cane Malu

Cane Malu alone would certainly be worth the trip to Sardinia, but the entire surrounding area offers
unique sights and must-see stops worth adding to the itinerary.

Let’s start with the beaches: besides Cane Malu, you cannot miss Turas, a true paradise for windsurfers.
Then there is S’Abba Druche, a popular destination for tourists.

Despite its small size, it is one of the most popular destinations as the landscape offers a very special spectacle of tufa rocks and mountain vegetation.

Also worth visiting is Sa Codulera, which provides its enchanting seabed for snorkelling sessions that
are not easily forgotten!

Or, not far away, there is Torre Argentina with its beautiful coves suitable for the whole family as the
descent to the sea is very easy and the landscape is very similar to that of Cane Malu.

In addition to the beaches, we recommend a sightseeing tour to appreciate the archaeological area with
Nuragic remains nearby and, of course, the spectacular village of Bosa with its hilltop castle.

Explore with us Borgo di Bosa and Castello Malaspina in this article.

How to get to the natural pool of Cane Malu

Cane Malu is located in Bosa, in the area of Cabu d’Aspu, near the beach of Bosa Marina.

The beautiful natural pool of Cane Malu can be reached in a few minutes by following a path from the
river port at the mouth of the Temo.

The path is already a fantastic experience as it runs alongside the sea. You walk along it on the white
tracheite cliffs whose snow-white colour emphasises the transparency of the water.

Starting from the small port of Bosa Marina in the locality of Sas Covas, continue on foot along the path
that climbs the mountain to a private road leading to a villa. On the left, several wooden signs indicate
Cane Malu.

From that point it is literally “all downhill” to the white rock.

Here, just continue walking on the trachyte for another 10 minutes in a northerly direction to reach the
beautiful natural pool of Cane Malu.

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