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We set off from Martis to follow the historical-environmental path that leads to the mill and waterfall of Triulintas. But did you know that in the opposite direction you can also reach the Petrified Forest? 

Follow us on this magical trekking route to discover all its secrets.

Departing from Martis

Martis is a delightful municipality located in the province of Sassari and has a crazy history. 

Already from its coat of arms, it is possible to understand the town’s symbols, which can be seen as you stroll through the streets of the oldest part of town and the surrounding area.

In particular, you can admire the double-tailed mermaid carved on a limestone lintel in the historic centre.

The pine cones recall the fossil remains found in the fascinating Carrucana petrified forest.

The palm tree is depicted in various bas-reliefs that you can contemplate on the portals of some of the houses in the old town, but which once decorated the lintels of various buildings during the Middle Ages. 

Why the palm tree?

Probably because, in Christian tradition, it is a symbol of martyrdom and, in this case, linked to Saint Pantaleon, the patron saint of Martis.

Finally, the Templar cross can be admired on a trachyte ashlar embedded in an external wall of the medieval Church of St Pantaleo

A fantasy tale atmosphere already hovers over the town, but now, let us begin our trek.

Triulintas Mill Historical-Environmental Path

From Martis, heading towards Nulvi, there are indications that point to the Triulintas Mill.

They lead, after about 1 km, to a car park near the Masino stream.

Here begins a path capable of transporting one into a fairy tale: the “Triulintas Mill historical-environmental path”‘, which ends at the waterfall.

The entire walk is accompanied by the Masino stream, flowing undaunted, which over the millennia has contributed to creating this surreal landscape. 

During the trek, one passes along paths immersed in greenery and over small wooden bridges; it really feels like being in the illustration of some bedtime story book!

At the end, here is the waterfall in all its triumphant beauty. 

Triulintas Waterfall

The magnificent waterfall is generated at the confluence of the Masino stream and the Pontisella stream.

The water cascades down the rock face from a height of about 15 metres, ending in a small lake surrounded by elms, willows and aquatic flora, giving the illusion that it is a hidden place.

The effect of this view is absolutely breathtaking. The landscape is made up of captivating contrasts between the intense green of the vegetation and the red of the trachyte walls over which the waterfall flows, and there is another detail that makes it unique: not far away are the remains of the old Triulintas Mill, which gives its name to the path and has a very special history.

Old Triulintas Mill

This is a very ancient mill, which during its heyday produced up to 12 quintals of flour per day that served to feed not only the Martis area, but was also distributed to Nulvi.

Inside, the structure was divided to accommodate a stable with its horses, a room with a mill and an oven, plus a raised room used as a sleeping quarters.

Apparently, however, one could not always sleep peacefully at the mill. 

Because of the floods, one often had to flee. A small path led to a “barraccu”, traces of which still remain, located higher up than the mill. There, one could take shelter.

This is the drawback that led to the abandonment of the Triuluntas mill during the 1950s.

But wait!

Besides the trek to the waterfall, from Martis you can also take another hike to a petrified forest.

Petrified Forest of Carrucana

From Martis, in the opposite direction to the waterfall, is another enchanted place: the petrified forest of Carrucana. 

To be precise, it is only a little more than one km from Martis and 5 km from Triulintas.

Again, this is an easy place to reach and definitely worth a visit.

Here in the forest, on a long green expanse, are scattered fossil trunks dating back 20 million years!

Apparently, a volcanic eruption succeeded in sinking an entire forest into the lakes that surrounded it at the time.

The plants then underwent a process of “silicification”, which means they were fossilised by the silica contained in the ash. 

You will see petrified, cylindrical tree stumps still standing, or others lying on the ground.

Undoubtedly, this is a place that is not easily forgotten and gives the impression of being in a different, surreal world where time has stood still.

Church of St Pantaleo

Another marvel worth mentioning is the historic Church of St Pantaleo.

Just outside the village of Martis, there is a rocky spur overlooking the Rio Carrucana valley. 

Right at the top of the spur, stands the ancient Church of St Pantaleo, a fantastic Gothic architecture that is one of the most fascinating examples in Sardinia.

Due to its precarious position, it underwent numerous renovation and restoration works until it was deconsecrated in 1920 due to the risk of a sudden collapse.

But what is interesting, besides its still fully perceivable beauty, is the fact that it is shrouded in myths and legends.

For instance, several miracles are said to have taken place inside the church and there are rumours of secret rooms and ruins of ancient temples related to the cult of water under the foundations. 

In fact, an underground water table flows beneath the church, which is also the main reason for the landslide on the right side of the rocky outcrop and consequently the “unsafe” condition of the church.

Family Excursion to Sardinia

Let’s start right away by saying that the hike to the Triulintas waterfall is absolutely suitable for families with children.

The route is fun and pleasant. 

Although it is not intended for buggies, it does not have any particularly difficult sections and is therefore ideal for baby trekking backpacks.

The path is flat with short ups and downs here and there, but totally easy to navigate.

From the roadside car park, which is free of charge, it is about 2 km long and can be walked in 40 min round trip.

The same applies to the magical Carrucana forest: the path presents no particular difficulty and is a fun experience that can also be shared with children.

Stay in Sardinia to discover the Triulintas Mill and Waterfall 

If you want to discover the Triulintas mill and waterfall, we recommend a stay in Sassari so you have easy access to all the hidden wonders in north-western Sardinia.

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