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Capocaccia in Alghero: discover the most beautiful cliff in the world

Did you know that Capocaccia in Alghero is among the 25 most beautiful cliffs in the world? In particular, the sunsets beyond the “Testa del gigante” (Giant’s Head) are an indescribable spectacle, but the beauty of the landscape is not the only reason why Capo Caccia is considered a magical place without equal.

To begin with, it must be said that Capocaccia is a vast and impressive promontory on the Alghero coast. It is part of the immense Porto Conte Park and is of special importance for more than one reason.

1- The spectacular crags of Capocaccia and the hidden caves

Imagine being on a boat, not far from the coast, and suddenly seeing towering crags of immaculate white standing out against the blue sky and sea. 

The conformation of the rocks hides immense caves, whose history and beauty are incomparable.

The most famous?

The Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Cave).

The route to the cave is in itself an indescribable spectacle. To visit it by land, you have to walk down the
famous and immense Escala del Cabirol.
This staircase is an architectural masterpiece that winds along the white rock of the promontory from a
height of 119 metres.

For a peek inside the cave, click HERE.

Once inside the cave, one is enchanted by the wonderful “halls” it houses.
But there is more: the high rocks hide an immense variety of fossils.
Besides rocks, caves and fossils, the promontory of Alghero is also famous for preserving the most
precious of treasures: life.

2- The natural heritage of Capocaccia in Alghero

Have you ever thought why Capocaccia (Cape Hunt) in Alghero is called that?
The answer seems quite simple actually, and it is because long ago this place was one of Sardinia’s
main hunting grounds.

The variety of fauna found there is immense and, combined with the lush vegetation, offered hunting
enthusiasts the ideal place for this activity.

But, precisely because of the incredible variety of endangered animal and plant species that the promontory preserves, the entire area has been declared a protected area and annexed to the immense Porto Conte Park.

Today, the entire park, and in particular the Capocaccia area, preserves one of the island’s most
extensive biodiversities. Besides some vegetation species that only grow on the Alghero cliffs, among
the rarest animals, it is still possible to admire the griffon vulture, the bonelli’s eagle, the peregrine
falcon, the herring gull and Corsican seagull, the petrel, and swifts.

Wait! There is yet another reason why Capocaccia in Alghero is among the 25 most beautiful cliffs in the world: it offers an endless array of exciting and unmissable activities.

3 – What to see and do at Capocaccia

Capocaccia is a spectacle for the eyes, but it is also something to be experienced in many different
ways. It offers endless possibilities for visiting the area, both by land and sea.

By following the various trekking routes, one can make memorable excursions immersed in nature
through an ever-changing landscape.

It is also a favourite spot for birdwatchers, as the skies above the Capocaccia promontory in Alghero
are the realm of extremely rare and now endangered birds.

For archaeology and geology enthusiasts, the precious fossils and rock stratifications are fascinating
and important evidence of past eras, which have led the place to be what we see today: an indescribable marvel.

Between picnic and green areas, it is possible to descend through the rock to visit the amazing caves
hidden in the promontory with guided tours that, trust us, will reveal secrets and anecdotes you cannot

We have already mentioned the Grotta di Nettuno (Neptune’s Cave), but there is another one that very
few people know about.

It is not a “tourist destination”, precisely because it is only known by a few locals, but it is absolutely
worth discovering. We are talking about the Grotta dei Vasi Rotti (Cave of the Broken Vases).

We have been there for you and you can see what is inside by clicking HERE.

4 – Boat Excursions

Capocaccia offers unmissable experiences that can also be reached by sea!

A number of boat excursions depart from Alghero, which not only allow us to enjoy the view of the coast,
but are also a unique opportunity for those who love snorkelling. The seabed rich in corals and rare
species is a formidable asset.
The high rocks also harbour underwater caves, which experienced divers can visit at their leisure.

Whatever your route to Capocaccia, there is only one way to end the visit without regrets: to stay and watch the sunset behind the rock known as the “Sleeping Giant’s Head”.

A sight that will remain in your soul.

How do you reach Capocaccia?

Reaching Capocaccia is extremely easy. You can get there by taxi, bus or car.

The road that runs along the cliffs from Fertilia to Capocaccia is a spectacle in itself.

If you have the opportunity to drive there, you can stop along the way to admire the impressive
landscape and take memorable photos.

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