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Things to see and do in Alghero

Things to see and do in Alghero

There are so many things to see and do in Alghero, but what are they really and how many vacation
days do you need to see them all?
How do you organise your stay so that you have as many experiences as possible?

There is a little secret.

If your stay is limited to a few days, start by considering how many days you want to stay in the city,
choose among the must-see attractions those that most appeal to you and leave out those that do not
particularly spark your interest.

In this way, you can make room in your plan to visit less touristy and lesser-known destinations that, for
that very reason, offer unique emotions that will be yours alone.

Here are the things to visit at all costs:

Visiting the Historic Centre of Alghero

The historical centre of Alghero conceals priceless treasures. Strolling through the streets of the city, you
can explore the medieval centre, now dotted with shops selling typical local handicrafts: from real red
coral jewellery to colourful woven wicker baskets.

A must-see is definitely the Cathedral of St Mary.

The crazy thing about this building is that even today you can clearly see every stage of the many
renovations it has undergone over time.

The façade is indeed neoclassical, but the bell tower, the oldest part, still retains the appearance it had in
the Middle Ages, after its construction in 1500.

Continuing the tour, between a selfie break and one to sample some street food, you can also visit the
remains of the Magdalena Fort and the Sulis Tower for a total immersion in the city’s medieval history.

You can wander around the centre freely or with a tour guide who will also be able to accompany you to
discover museums related to the local culture, and while on the subject of museums, make sure you
don’t miss the Coral Museum!

Read our article Alghero historic centre: what to see for many juicy details about the place.

Things to see at the Alghero Coral Museum

The city of Alghero is deeply attached to this very precious material, which has made an impressive
contribution to its economic development, but has also become a very important part of the local culture.

things to see and do in Alghero Coral Museum

In the city centre you will see many shops selling jewellery and sculptures made from red coral extracted
from the famous Coral Riviera.

These handicrafts are often on sale in the various city shops, but some special pieces related to the
history of the place and local artists are on display at the Alghero Coral Museum in Villa Costantino.

Through archaeological finds and carvings, it is possible to see with one’s own eyes how the city has
evolved thanks to this material and how the red gold has taken on ever-changing values and meanings
over time.

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What can you do in Alghero in just one day?

You can visit the historic centre in half a day and spend the rest of the time on the beach.
Here are all the ones not to be missed.

Must-see beaches in Alghero

From the centre you can walk to Lido San Giovanni in a few minutes. The beautiful beach is equipped
with sunbeds and has all the facilities for you to enjoy a relaxing day.

The seabed gently slopes down and for a good stretch the waters are shallow. So, if you have children
with you, they will be able to safely enjoy the sea.

And then, if you choose to swim at Lido San Giovanni, at the end of the day you can return to the city
ramparts to watch the sunset: a spectacle that remains in your heart.

From the centre of Alghero there are many other beaches that can be reached just as quickly by car,
taxi or bus.

You may have heard of some of them, they are world-famous for their pristine waters and breathtaking

Maria Pia beach is one of the most famous in north-western Sardinia.

It has fine, clear sand, turquoise waters and, above all, is known for its fragrant pine forest.

The Lazzaretto beach and Le Bombarde beach are close by and are characterised by crystal-clear
waters and pale sand.

What also makes the landscape unique is the presence of patches of vegetation on some sandy
stretches that are often dotted with colourful flowers.

The Mugoni beach is part of the Porto Conte bay and thus falls within the territory of the immense
nature park.

It is a triumph of wild nature with dense, fragrant vegetation just beyond the sandy line. Amongst
maritime pines, eucalyptus trees and Mediterranean scrub, it is a spectacle that stimulates all the

Porto Ferro is one of the most unusual beaches. The sand is more amber-coloured than usual in the
Alghero area and the place is often chosen by surfers and windsurfers!

As well as spending a wonderful day visiting Alghero and bathing at one of the most beautiful and
famous beaches on the north-west coast of the island, you can reserve your second day for the
spectacular Neptune’s Caves and visit Capocaccia.

Things to see in Alghero: Neptune’s Caves

There are two ways to visit Neptune’s Cave.

The first is by sea via excursions that leave from Alghero, the second is by land via the monumental
Escala del Cabirol.

The staircase follows the entire rock face of the cliff, but the particular construction makes it absolutely
safe to walk on, and as you descend, the landscape becomes more and more stunning.

Once inside the cave, one is enraptured and is led through the various “halls”.
It is in fact called a “cave” in the singular, but it is actually a system of interconnected cavities within the

They are so incredible that excursions have been organised since ancient times.

Even kings and sovereigns used to set off to visit these magical places and even organised concerts with
orchestras and dances in them.

Take a peek inside Neptune’s Cave in Alghero.

Visit to Capo Caccia and the Porto Conte Natural Park

Capo Caccia is among the 25 most beautiful cliffs in the world and therefore deserves a special
excursion, perhaps on the way back after visiting Neptune’s Grotto.

The sunsets from the cliffs are indeed famous for their unparalleled spectacularity, but that is not the only
reason to visit the place.

Capo Caccia is in fact part of the Porto Conte Natural Park, which preserves many protected species of
plants and animals.

Some particular specimens of plants can only be observed here! There are no others in the whole world.
It is easy to understand why it is a popular destination for birdwatchers and trekkers, but there is yet
another peculiarity that distinguishes the place.

The cliff’s imposing rock faces guard and display many fossils that tell of a past as ancient as it is

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Little-known places to visit in Alghero

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